Start and deadline: 14/09/2020 – 19/10/2020

Huawei Baltic countries unite and offer YOU, undergraduates or master degree students of ICT related disciplin,e the opportunity to study exceptional online courses prepared from our HQ specialists and local teams. 5 days culture and technology experience program from 2nd to 6th of November 2020.

Application Criteria:

To apply, the student must submit:

  1. A resume – 10% of the final score.
  2. Proof of your average grade (enough “print screen” from your internal system, no need for the signed document) – 10% of the final score.
  3. A motivation letter* between 400-600 words that shows why you want to participate in this program, student‘s relevant experience, interests, and what you could potentially contribute to the program – 20% of the final score.

*Motivational letter – be yourself, you can use the most suitable format for you. No specific template is required (mentioned one – an example). You can create it in the way that’s best representing you. This means that not only a written essay will be accepted.

Please send all the files together with the registration form or directly to by the 19th of October.
If you’ll have questions you can also send it to the same email.

**60 % of the final score – university vote. Students will be selected by the formed jury of lecturers. Lecturers’ final recommendations to Huawei will have the greatest impact on the choosing process. Huawei will have the right to the veto and final selected students approval.

Please check the registration form below.
We’ll contact you and guide you through the process.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia students selection criteria:

  1. ICT, science, technology, engineering. Major are preferred but not restricted.
  2. Grade point average or above. GPA 3.0 or above, or ranking in the top 30% (LT, LV, EE case would be from the average of 8 and above, study results from the last year).
  3. The motivation letters reflecting a knowledge of ICT basics, interest in China, and enthusiasm for learning (an open mind).
  4. Speak English fluently.
  5. Undergraduates are would have a great knowledge for this course to pass, also students studying master degree and PhD students are welcome also.

Please note:

Successful applicants will be selected by their lecturers (final score). Students from each country will be invited to participate at the full program – 5 days online experience to explore the core of technologies in Huawei.

This is a non-salaried work experience program and participation does not imply that employment is guaranteed following graduation.

Students will be selected who will send all the required files and will be recommended by their lecturers.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

  • Best selected students will be announced on this website on 19-20th of October.
  • Others who won’t be selected will be able to choose the interesting courses and participate online in local live sessions and to study recorded courses on iLearningX platform.

Registration form