About the Program

Till now, the program had been implemented in more than 126 countries and regions worldwide, benefiting over 30,000 students from more than 500 universities; among them, more than 5,770 university students from have taken a study trip to the Huawei headquarters.

Students first spend time in Beijing where they will gain mandarin language training, and learn about Chinese culture at Beijing Language and Cultural University. Students are then flown to Huawei’s HQ in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, where they learn about Huawei’s international business culture and values, as well as see first-hand Huawei’s state-of-the-art factory facilities. Students will also receive technical training from some of the best professionals in the industry.

Brief agenda for the Online course on 2020:

− 5-day online program that requires around 14 hours of devotion:  mandatory self-paced technology classes (5 h) + Huawei Introduction (1.5h) + mandatory live-streamed sessions (6.5 h) + an 1-hour elective course (depending on the course length) + free access to all other elective classes and dedicated selected  resources about Chinese culture. AND + Live local sessions up to 3 per day. More information about the local live sessions will be updated soon.

− Mandatory courses (6.5 hours):
About Huawei (1.5 h): Who is Huawei + company introduction, Huawei’s flagship store in Nanshan.
ICT courses (5 h): 5G, cloud computing, AI, HMS, and an advanced tech course.

− Elective courses (depends on the actual course length, usually 50-80 mins each).
Each student needs to compete at least one of the elective course. You are feel to choose which one you would like to take and you are welcome to take more. For more introduction of each course, please refer to the attached document Brief of Elective Courses – Seeds for the Future 2020.

− Additionally we’re preparing a live sessions with known speakers from the Baltic and high professionals from Huawei side. Stay tuned! The agenda will be announced before the program with more details.

Certification and graduation criteria:

Completion of all mandatory courses (6.5 hours) and get no less than 60 scores for the exams.
Completion of one elective course Participation in live-streamed courses (6 hours):
– Opening ceremony
– Closing ceremony
– Cultural insights & tech talk/workshop
– 1 customized course, participating in all Live sessions.

Graduation Ceremony:

Closing ceremony: Certificates of completion will be awarded (electronic copy).

This is not the end for students who finishes the program…

The best students, who’ll be selected from the universities will get additional value from the program.

Internships or work place in the local offices

The local PR/Marketing managers works closely with the local HR department to explore opportunities for internships within the local office.

Job openings

Students who took part in the Seeds for the Future program have been trained on the latest technologies and are familiar with Huawei’s business and global strategy. They form a talent pool for Huawei, so in the case of job opening in the local office, students would be informed about the opportunities that Huawei could offer, if their profile matches job requirements. Whenever possible, labs and other departments will share jobs and internships opportunities for Seeds for the Future participants.

Reference letter

If you’ll be selected and finish the program with the best scores you’ll have the priority applying for a job in Local Huawei offices.
For the best students we’ll deliver Reference Letters for their future careers.

AI courses

Possibility to continue further with the AI certification and get the needed tools for practice.

Eligibility for gifts

We’ll prepare giveaways for the best students, who’ll finish the program with the best scores.

This information is optional and additional to this project, also could be shared if only students would agree to receive it.

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