huawei seeds for the future 2020 baltics
huawei seeds for the future 2020 baltics

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Seeds for the Future Baltics 2020

The program of Seeds for the Future 2020 in the Baltic countries is finished.

Thank you all who participated and shared your time with us!

More updates for the next year program are coming soon.

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Stay tuned for 2021…

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Project timeline of 2020

  • 2020.09.14

    Start the registration

    3 weeks for submitting the required files and win the best online experience of your life!

  • 2020.10.19

    Summing the results

    Need to calculate the scores!

  • 2020.10.19-20


    Results announcement of the best selected.

  • 2020.10.21-31

    Registration on Learning platform

    Preparing for the courses and live sessions.

  • 2020.11.02

    Opening Ceremony

    Start of the program.

  • 2020.11.02-11.06

    Learning and exploring!

    Get a touch to the core of the technology.

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